1. I want to apply for one of the advertised positions. How do I do it?

    The best and easiest way to apply is to send your documents via the system available under each job description. Apart from your resume and cover letter, please attach a sample of your work, for example a hotlink to your portfolio or showreel.

  2. What does the recruitment process look like?

    After we receive and analyze the documents, our recruitment team will contact those applicants whom we would like to invite to the next stage. Typically, the next stage is an interview in the studio we are recruiting for, but sometimes we make exceptions and arrange Skype interviews. We can also request you to complete a recruitment exercise or contact you with questions about your resume information. Some recruitment processes are conducted with the Video Recruiter tool.

    The following stages differ depending on the position in question. You will be informed about all the details by phone or during the first interview.

  3. I would like to apply for several positions – is it okay?

    Absolutely! Apply for all the positions you consider. It’s the best way to let us know that you’re interested in more than one of our job offers. You can even mention it in your cover letter, too. Nevertheless, please remember that the better your resume matches the requirements for a given position, the better chance you have to be invited for an interview.

  4. I can’t find a job offer that would suit me.

    No worries. We always search for people who are passionate about what they do and want to use their skills in game development industry. Check out our general ad and apply.

  5. Can I serve my internship in your company?

    Unfortunately, at the moment we don’t offer internships.

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